I felt that when with the digital body, trying to improvise next to it was very difficult, this was the case in some instances when the body was moving too quickly it was difficult to distribute myself appropriately according to the screen without ruining the interactivity. Creating was naturally a lot easier to work with as we were able to rewatch points of the video and use that to make works that influenced or worked with the digital performance.
what you would use if you was to create an interactive piece
 I felt that all but augmenting expression were necessary principles with this style of work. I dont think needing to create a story in relation to the digital self seemed suitable in this work however creating a relationship is just a principle of dance in general, Be it a relationship with another dancer or with an audience. If I was to create an interactive piece I would definitely use the idea of shadow interacting with the digital self as with some work put into it that could create something very effective.